Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Science Deals a Blow to Religion After efforts to smooth over the tensions between dogmatic and skeptical thought, a conference was held in which esteemed scientists from varying fields waged war on the whole of religion. While a thread thin line was drawn between the Christian/Islamic bloodletting and bug sweeping Janeism, no worshipper was spared in the scathing indictments of organized make-believe. This was not a tired resuscitation of the Creationism vs. Evolution argument, but a plea to the world to recognize religion as the greatest threat to post Enlightenment reason. According to facts cited at the conference, 93% of scientists are atheist, and the other 7% were asked in the meeting, "what is wrong with the rest of you?". Science has spoken loud and clear on this one: there is no God, and we are tired of letting you believe it. There were long term and short term versions of the plan. Some suggested marketing, others suggested education and Joan Roughgarden even suggested parables. The overall goal saw little dispute, however. Science wants to knock religion out, and sooner rather than later. Resources: The entire video can be found here The Wired Magazine Article:,71985-1.html?tw=wn_story_page_next1 The NYTimes article:

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Bynum Fellows?... That's Crazy!! One of's sports writers wrote that Andrew Bynum, promising young center for the L.A. Lakers, looks like Tracy Morgan. He went so far as to write "every interview, I expect him to look into the camera and yell, 'I'm Brian Fellows'. My first reaction was skepticism, but then I came across this picture while finishing my daily NBA reading. I darkened Andrew's skin and mustache a bit to match Tracy's and I was a bit surprised at the results. Is he Brian Fellows? You be the judge.