Monday, November 07, 2005


Sean said...


Quite some time ago you sent me the high res pencils to this tombraider pic that you posted on the topcow message forums -->

and I did this with it -->

which was buckets of fun to do and which I actually learnt quite a bit from!

...aaaand... I was wondering if you have anymore pinups/covers similar to this one, or of any character at all really, that you might care to throw my way...? *looks hopeful*

I just do this stuff for fun and the occasional extra beer money (total earnings to date in 2 years - $300!... wow!) so I'm not looking to sell them or make money off them or whatever. If you're doubtful then have a chat to steve firchow as he sends me all sorts of topcow based stuff (whatta great guy!) and I'm sure he'll tell you I'm legit and all that.

So anyway, have a look at my gallery and website at and if you feel you can help out in any way then my email is:

thanx a million in advance


NB2 said...

Hey Sean!

I replied on the Gutter Zombie PM, but in case you didn't get it, throw me an Email.

I'll see what I can find. I usually do sequentials and sketches, but I'm sure I have something worthwhile.

Nice looking stuff. I checked out your recent work on the top cow boards just a few days ago.